1) What is The Physics Show?

Let’s start with what it isn’t – it isn’t a lecture!  You will not fall asleep.  The show is a series of fun, exciting demonstrations of the laws of nature.

 2) What ages are appropriate?

This is an event for the entire family – ages 5 and up.  Although we target families with elementary school age children, there is enough information to keep the older kids and parents interested also.  The younger attendees leave knowing that they saw a show about science and that it was fun (the most important first lesson in science).  The older ones may actually pick up on the explanations.  Middle school kids always seem to enjoy the show, too.  We get very few high school students. 

We do suggest a minimum age of 5, as sometimes lights go out, loud noises are produced, and our “fun” demonstrations appear scary to pre-schoolers. 

 3) How long is the show?

We aim for about 75 minutes.

 4) Do I need a ticket for my young child?

You are basically buying a seat.  If the child needs a seat, get a ticket for them.

5) How often is the show put on?

We put together one show each year.  The show is presented multiple times in order to accommodate more people, but each show during that academic year is basically identical.

 6) Is it the same as last year?

Each year, to keep things fresh, we change about half the show from the previous year.  The other half of the show contains our “old favorites.”

 7) Is there any cost?

We charge a small ticket which includes parking ($6).  You must park in lot 1 to take advantage of the included parking fee.

 8) Where is the show held and how do I get there?

The show is held on the main Foothill College campus in Los Altos (El Monte Rd and Hwy 280).  There is a “Directions” link above that also has parking information and links for maps of the campus.

9) Accessibility Questions

There is a long flight of stairs from parking lot 1 to the theater.  If you have a passenger that will require special access here is the best option.  Make a left off the loop road at the first bus stop, go past the bookstore receiving dock and up the steep hill until you cannot go any farther.  Drop your passenger off, this is the closest you can get a car to the theater.  Go park your car in lot 1.

If the driver requires no stair access, park in lot 8.  Lot 8 is close, but requires two elevators to get to the theater.  With a DMV issued placard for "handicapped" parking you may park in any lot on campus without a permit.