Important Items:

1) Getting to Foothill College

The Physics Show is held at our main campus in Los Altos (12345 El Monte Rd just off Hwy 280).

Directions and maps are located on our website:

2) Parking (Included in your ticket price)

As you enter the campus make your first right turn into parking lot 1. If you miss that turn, make your second right into parking lot 1.  To take advantage of the included parking fee you must park in lot 1.  Parking in any other lot requires a permit which costs $3.  Yes, they do ticket on the weekends. 

3) Smithwick Theater

The Physics Show will be held in Smithwick Theater, room 1000.  From parking lot 1: walk across the loop road at the traffic light, go up the long flight of stairs, Smithwick Theater will be on your left at the top of the stairs.

4) The Show

We are aiming for a 75 minute show.

5) Wheel-Chair Access

There is a long flight of stairs from parking lot 1 to the theater.  If you have a passenger that will require special access here is the best option.  Make a left off the loop road at the first bus stop (follow the sign that says "Buses Only"), go past the bookstore receiving dock and up the steep driveway until you get to the top.  Drop your passenger off, this is the closest you can get a car to the theater.  Go park your car in lot 1.

If the driver requires no stair access, park in lot 8.  Lot 8 is close, but requires two elevators to get to the theater.  With a DMV issued placard for "handicapped" parking you may park in any lot on campus without a permit.

See you at The Physics Show!